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Hello again! Happy New Year from your local Tucson Computer Consulting firm!
This month we will be publishing articles focusing Cost Recovery Solutions for your company.

What is Print Cost RecoveryPrint Cost Recovery Systems?

Lets start with an example:
Say your firm has 5 attorney’s and your attorneys have legal assistants. They have their own cases assigned, they need to print, copy documents for drafts, copies to their clients, records for the firm, archives and so on.
So, in a week each attorney and their team print about 500 pages and copy 3 times those documents.
Lets put a value of $0.25 per page (Black and White) and $0.50 (Color Pages).

If your are not billing your client for that expense, your firm is losing money! Note there are cases that these cost is sometimes budgeted in a contract.

Totals weekly:
Black and White prints: the total cost in a week would be $375.00
Color Prints: the total cost in a week would be $750.00

We all know that money is important no matter how big your business, firm is, what we do is help you do the following in an affordable way:

- Save Paper: Save paper by promoting responsible use… Therefore saving you and your business Money.

- Track PrintingProvide detailed logs with who, what, when and where print jobs took place.

- Quota Printing: Assign reasonable limits on user printing.

- ReportsCustomize reports to meet your needs.

- Manage PrintingLoad balancing, alerts, toner levels, and much more.

- Control Copiers: Account for walk-up / off the glass photocopying.

- Manage Wireless Printing: Manage wireless and unauthenticated printing from user-owned devices.

Stay tuned for article #2 next week.


Ok everyone, if you do not pay for Evernote, let me tell you, you should.
Based on a TRUE Story….

A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend of mine who tells me he loves Evernote and how impressed he is with it. Saving receipts, warranties, pictures, etc, etc…

As well, he loves using it on his iPad due to its large screen. Well, turns out that he also allows his 3 year old child play games on the ipad. So, here is a child with a wonderful tool and kids are kids, all his notes are overwritten, deleted or erased.

He asked me, how can I restore such data as it syncs up across devices. We figured that part out, yet, what is the solution to this case:

1. Do not let the child play with it?

I don’t think so, I like having my son play with my iPad, I like the fact that he now asks me what a vpn client is. (He is 3 years old).

He is what I told my dear friend, pay $5.00 monthly to Evernote, and you will get a bunch of great features and a good one for you, the option to Enable the Passcode Feature at the Application level.

Here is how you do it on your mobile device:

1. Go to Account

2. Select  Passcode Lock

3. Set your code (don’t forget it)



Hope this helps someone out there!

Have a great Tuesday!

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How to Connect to a VPN

Windows 7 - Mac OS

VPN stands for virtual private network and is a type of network connection that allows users to access computer networks from anywhere in the world. This technology is often used when companies allow their employees to work from home, as the employees can have access to the company’s computer network from any location. If you need to connect to a VPN, the owner of the VPN will give you the specific login and password information. Then, follow these steps to connect from any computer with Internet access.

Windows 7

  1. Click the “Start” button.
  2. Choose “Control Panel”.
  3. In the Control Panel window, click “Network and Internet”.
  4. Then click “Connect to a network”.
  5. Select “Set up a connection or network”.
  6. In the “Choose a connection option”, select “Connect to a workplace” and click “Next”.
  7. Look at the options on the page titled “How do you want to connect?” Choose “Use my Internet connection (VPN)”.
  8. A window will appear asking you on how “Do you want to set up an Internet connection before continuing”? Select “I’ll set up an Internet connection later”.
  9. Type the server information that the owner of the VPN gave you. Type the IP address in the “Internet address” text box and the server name in the “Destination name” text box. Put a check mark in the box next to “Don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later.” You will need to finish setting up your connection before you can connect. Click “Next”.
  10. Enter the user name and password the owner of the VPN provided for you.Click the check box to remember the name and password if you do not want to have to type it in every time you connect. Click “Create”.
  11. Close the window when the window with the message “The connection is ready to use” appears.
  12. Click “Connect to a network” under the “Network and Sharing Center” heading and click on the VPN connection your just created. Click “Connect”.



MAC OS How to

  1. Select the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”. Click the icon labeled “Network”.
  2. Find the list of networks in the sidebar on the left side of the window. Click the plus symbol at the bottom of the list to add a new connection
  3. Use the pull-down menu to choose “VPN” when the window appears asking you to select and interface. Choose the “L2TP over IPSec” VPN type. Enter the name for your VPN and click “Create”.
  4. Go back to the Network screen and choose your new VPN connection from the list on the left sidebar. Choose “Add Configuration” from the pull-down menu. Type the name of your VPN in the text box that appears and click “Create”.
  5. Enter the server address and the account name that the owner of the VPN provided for you in the two text boxes. Click “Authentication Settings” directly under the “Account Name” text box.
  6. Click the radio button for “Password” and enter the password that the owner of the VPN gave you. Click the radio button for “Shared Secret” and enter the information provided to you. Click “OK”.
  7. Hit the “Advanced” button and make sure the check box next to “Send all traffic over VPN connection” is checked. Click “OK” and then click “Apply”. Click “Connect” to connect to your new VPN connection.

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